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Articles Archive for January 2011

Pills That Communicate With Cell Phone Apps

Robert Scoble interviewed Andrew Thompson, CEO of Proteus Biomedical, a company that makes drugs that communicate with cell phones via Bluetooth. Essentially the company develops medicine products and devices that integrate electronics, sensors, and wireless communications into pharmaceuticals like pills. It offers a monitoring system called Raisin Personal Monitor, a wireless health device for remote recording and analysis of heart rate, physical activity, body position, and patient-logged events.

When ingested, any discrete event (such as the ingestion of a specific pharmaceutical) can be recorded. However, it also records any physiologic information such as heart rate, activity, body angle and patient-logged information. The unique ingestion event and all logged information are then communicated via Bluetooth to any computerized device, such as mobile phone applications. The system is being developed as part of an integrated intelligent medicine system to track response and outcomes-based of treatments. Proteus partners are currently developing these product to treat diabetes, cardiovascular disease, psychiatric disorders, organ transplantation and infectious disease.

Social Network That Operates A Digital Currency

Hub Culture is a social network which manages a digital currency and the first to merge the digital and physical worlds. Members create online profiles and tag themselves to areas of expertise and knowledge. They also build groups to manage projects with wikis, file sharing, discussions and event planning, or exchange the virtual currency to acknowledge favors and benefits that come from sharing information. The site has dedicated representatives in over 60 locations worldwide, including Bermuda, Geneva, Hong Kong, London, San Francisco and Singapore, according to Wikipedia.

Mark Zuckerberg on SNL

Jesse Eisenberg, the actor who played Mark Zuckerberg in “The Social Network,” hosted “SNL” this Saturday. Eisenberg was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor so this is a high-profile “SNL” hosting appearance. The team behind the show approached Zuckerberg about showing up alongside Eisenberg as a surprise. Zuckerberg, who was named Time magazine’s Person of the Year in 2010 appeared to express he has a sense of humor. A triple dose of Zuckerberg is what viewers got, as Oscar nominee/guest host Eisenberg took the stage and was quickly joined by the show’s Zuckerberg impersonator, Andy Samberg. Shortly thereafter walked Mark himself. Mark showed up three times and gave Eisenberg a seemingly heartfelt hug to show all was forgiven.

LinkedIn Files For IPO And Provides Insights

With more than 90 million users, LinkedIn, the social network that helps professionals connect, filed for an initial public offering. The site which is mainly used for business networking, didn’t reveal the number of shares it plans to offer or price range, but offers insights into its current financials and operations.

The fillings highlight how profitable the business of social networking can be. Currently, LinkedIn’s revenues come from three main sources — advertising, hiring solutions and premium subscriptions. According to the filling, it generated revenues of $120 million for 2009 and $161 million for the first 3 quarters of 2010. Its hiring solutions and advertising have become the company’s primary growth areas, comprising of 41% and 32% of revenue, respectively. It indicated it doesn’t expect profitability in 2011 because of investments in technology and a few other areas. It also disclosed that a “substantial majority” of its members don’t visit the site on a regular monthly basis.

REPORT: Job Sites Becoming A Thing Of The Past, Threaten By Social Sites

Job sites were modeled after newspaper classifieds from 1999 and newspapers themselves are becoming obsolete, so its no surprise that job sites are threaten by social sites. Most prospective employers don’t have adequate time to do thorough interviews and gauge whether the person is knowledgeable and/or worthy. Some hire recruiters and hope they find the best candidates. And sure most conduct background tests and even qualifiers to measure expertise but in a world where social is the norm, referrals and recommendations is just part of what’s expected. That is, employers …

FREE Analytics Software For Websites

Looking for a better web analytics tool to improve the usability and functionality of your site? Seevolution provides free software that helps decipher how potential customer scrolls, clicks through and interacts with your site — information that is key to enhancing user experience for maximizing conversions.

The software provides a better understanding and detailed analytics of how visitors and customers view your site. It uses heat map technology to overlay a blanket on the site and show you where users are clicking. Its two major features are the click heat maps and the ability to do 24×7 monitoring.

The Big Red Internet Shutdown Switch

In unprecedented action in Internet history, we’re currently seeing how a country like Egypt has pulled the plug on the Internet to silence its people. They are preventing its citizens from taking to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (by blocking all routes) to share information about how the whole country is erupting in violence. It’s similar to what other countries like China, Tunisia and Iran have done in the past for censorship and now its coming to the land of the free, America.

A controversial bill giving US presidents power over privately owned computer systems during a “national cyber-emergency” and prohibiting any review by the court system is now circulating.

Copyright Lawyers Sued For Extortion and Fraud

You probably have heard about those nasty “Pay Up” letters for downloading copyrighted content which usually comes when people share movies or music online. Well the firm from Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver (DGW), which has sent most of those letters under the name “US Copyright Group” (USCG) has been sued for operating under a fraud scheme. You heard right, the firm that sues people for sharing content was sued for none other than, get this, fraud and extortion. The same firm who represented clients such Voltage Pictures, Far Cry and Hurtlocker.

Allegedly the firm was sending misleading settlement letters and asking its targets to pay up in order to avoid legal and lengthy litigation.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Fan Page Hacked

On Tuesday afternoon, hackers appeared to have hacked Mark Zuckerberg’s own fan page and they left a message with some financial advice for the social king. The breach is high profile for the site that is under constant scrutiny about security and privacy concerns.

The message that appeared on the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s fan page read as follows: Let the hacking begin: If facebook needs money, instead of going to the banks, why doesn’t Facebook let its users invest in Facebook in a social way? Why not transform Facebook into a ‘social business’ the way Nobel Price winner Muhammad Yunus described it? http://bit.ly/fs6rT3 What do you think? #hackercup2011

Soon You Will Be Able To Use Your iPhone To Pay For Things

Apple is working on starting a mobile payment service that will be available as early as mid-2011 and lets consumers buy digital movies and music by using their iPhone. Using the service consumers walk into a store and make payments straight from the device. They also receive loyalty rewards and credits from the purchase, plus direct advertisements based on purchasing trends.

It would allow Apple to help improve ad targeting and charge higher fees for those ads. Essentially it would personalize the iAd advertising network by offering advertisers a way to target ads in places where customers are spending money.