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Insane Baby Yoga Video is No Hoax

Russian yoga instructor Lena Fokina and a video of her “baby yoga” routine has gone viral and it is making many American cringe in horror. The video show Fokina taking a 2-week-old infant through exercises she calls “dynamic gymnastics.” but at times it looks like the baby’s arms and legs are about to be torn off. It’s insane and some thought it was just a hoax but apparently is a real video.

Baby yoga isn’t going to become a worldwide phenomenon anytime soon, but should parents swing their babies around by their ankles? Apparently it helps kids to start walking and swimming earlier than most. And the American Academy of Pediatrics concurs but also warns that infant exercise may be dangerous for developing bones:

Providing a stimulating environment for an infant’s development is extremely important. Environmental deprivation will impede the developmental progress of an infant. There is some evidence that conditioned responses can be elicited in the newborn period. However, there have been no data to suggest that structured programs or the promotion of conditioned responses will advance skills or provide any long-term benefit to normal infants.

The bones of infants are more susceptible to trauma than those of older children and adults. The skeletal system of the child in the first year of life is less than optimally ossified. Infants do not have the strength or reflexes necessary to protect themselves from external forces. The possibility exists that adults may inadvertently exceed the infant’s physical limitations by using structured exercise programs.

Photo Courtesy of Impicard