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Trapster Hacked — Change your password

According to a report by eWeek.com, Trapster – creator of the popular mobile app that warns users about speed taps, was hacked and it is notifying its users to change their passwords.

“We believe it’s best to be cautious,” the company said. “So, we are telling users if they registered their account with Trapster, then it’s best to assume that their e-mail address and password were included among the compromised data.”

Trapster notified users this week that their passwords may have been exposed due to an attack. In the notification they suggest users change passwords on any other web site that they currently use with the same email/password.

Additionally, it is generally suggested that password security increases if you follow these guidelines:

  • At least 8 characters, and for added security, 14 or more
  • Avoid common words and phrases
  • Use both upper and lower case characters, and include numbers and symbols
  • Do not base your password on any personal information