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Former Facebook Executive Takes Senior Position at Zynga

Mike Murphy Facebook Zynga

According to All Things Digital Mike Murphy, Facebook’s first advertising executive is joining Zynga, the mobile gaming app company. Apparently is a part-time role but significant enough to formulate an advertising strategy.

Murphy joined Facebook in 2005 and unveiled the self-service advertising platform as well as the defacto “Fan / Like” pages for brands. He also facilitated the social plug-ins throughout the Internet via the open graph. His move is a great one given that Zynga is one of Facebook most strategic partner in gaming.

His new role will likely include overseeing Zynga’s advertising strategy, driving growth and fostering partnerships with major brands. In a statement to AllthingsD, Murphy said the following:

“Social games are becoming a core way for marketers to engage with their customers. Zynga’s network of games have created an incredible opportunity for advertisers to create passionate relationships and emotional connections with their customers.”

Confirming that social games are here to stay! For example: McDonald’s could advertise in FarmVille or it could consider social games as part of their happy meals.

Photo Courtesy of LexnGer.