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$1 Million For Pixelmator In Just 20 Days From The Mac App Store

PixelmatorSaulius Dailide, Pixelmator, co-developer wrote on the company’s blog that he was “ecstatic” and noted the apps high ratings in the US, UK and German App Stores. “Such an amazing success feels fantastic. Thank you so much for your enthusiastic support.”

Currently, Pixelmator is the fourth highest grossing title in the Mac App Store, behind Aperture, iPhoto, and Pages, which are all Apple products. The developers decided to distribute its app exclusively via the new Mac App Store and slashed the price from $59.99 to $29.99. The limited time offer, which includes 2 free upgrades was done in part to encourage users to repurchase the app on the Mac App Store.

A report by All Things Digital, cited Pixelmator co-founder Aidas Dailide as saying it sold about 33,000 copies of the software to gross $1 million, noting that “the jump in sales was dramatic.” And apparently the 30 percent cut that Apple takes, “definitely worth it” in their case because “the increase in sales and exposure is worth much more than that” stated Saulius.