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FREE Analytics Software For Websites

Free Analytics Software for WebsitesLooking for a better web analytics tool to improve the usability and functionality of your site? Seevolution provides free software that helps decipher how potential customer scrolls, clicks through and interacts with your site — information that is key to enhancing user experience for maximizing conversions.

The software provides a better understanding and detailed analytics of how visitors and customers view your site. It uses heat map technology to overlay a blanket on the site and show you where users are clicking. Its two major features are the click heat maps and the ability to do 24×7 monitoring.

The heat mapping highlights the activity areas of the site and break down precisely how visitors interact with the page. The monitoring allows you to see errors, drop in traffic, or flaws as they happen in real time and it generates alerts, once activated. Watch the videos below for more details. It’s cool stuff.

Watch these videos to see a live user moving the mouse on the website and to see the heatmap in action.