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REPORT: Job Sites Becoming A Thing Of The Past, Threaten By Social Sites

Job sites were modeled after newspaper classifieds from 1999 and newspapers themselves are becoming obsolete, so its no surprise that job sites are threaten by social sites. Most prospective employers don’t have adequate time to do thorough interviews and gauge whether the person is knowledgeable and/or worthy. Some hire recruiters and hope they find the best candidates. And sure most conduct background tests and even qualifiers to measure expertise but in a world where social is the norm, referrals and recommendations is just part of what’s expected. That is, employers would prefer some one who comes recommended and based on the input of reputable source, than just getting a resume of a classified ad.

Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice and most of the others work of the premise that the job is listed in place where people come to look. Those interested submit credentials and soon thereafter get called in for an interview. The system has no real social interaction for recommendations or input from peers. Essentially its just a database with a list of ads, again similar to the “old” way of doing things. In a new world, sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn allows you to connect with prospects (people with similar interests) and network with them before there is even a real job requisition. This connection enhances the whole job hunting experience.

Read the report here.

Site Analytics for Monster.com from Compete and QuantCast.

Site Analytics for CarerBuilder.com from Compete and QuantCast.

Site Analytics for Dice.com from Compete and QuantCast.

In comparison, here is the chart for LinkedIn.com from Compete and QuantCast.

Photo Courtesy of The Planet