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Social Network That Operates A Digital Currency

Hub Culture is a social network which manages a digital currency and the first to merge the digital and physical worlds.

Members create online profiles and tag themselves to areas of expertise and knowledge. They also build groups to manage projects with wikis, file sharing, discussions and event planning, or exchange the virtual currency to acknowledge favors and benefits that come from sharing information. The site has dedicated representatives in over 60 locations worldwide, including Bermuda, Geneva, Hong Kong, London, San Francisco and Singapore, according to Wikipedia.

The network has exchanged over 2.5 million units of Ven, its virtual currency, and is quite popular in Europe since it was started in London. They evolved from an online site to real physical shared workspaces in cities around the world, where members work, have meetings, host events and generally tap into amazing innovators and entrepreneurs. And through its pavilions, it aims to create a collaborative work environment that attracts a wide range of traditional, ethical and green business.

Seven years after writing Hub Culture: The Next Wave of Urban Consumers, Stan Stalnaker founded the company which essentially provides contemporary spaces for the avid traveler, who is often on the move and no longer has time to get to the office. It’s business model could be used for sites such as Quora, LinkedIn and Facebook. Check it out – it’s some cool stuff.

Below are some videos on the Hub Culture and Ven.