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Entrepreneurship ‘Campus’ Opens In New York City

A new company in New York City called General Assembly is seeking to be an entrepreneur campus, complete with class rooms, lecture halls, library, conference rooms, and web access. It’s atmosphere is part startup company, part school. It provides academic programs to feed the entreneurial minds and co-working space to build the camaraderie and spirit of those seeking to put their stamp on the startup world.

Three tiers of membership are offered, from ala carte where you pay for each class or lecture you want, or full-time desks and working spaces, or an all-you-can-eat (within reason) buffet of classes and access to the office space. Startups already occupying the space include Of a Kind, Art.sy, Fashism, Yipit, and Food52.

Judging by such positive feedback thus far, General Assembly will look to open more locations nationwide.