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AT&T Foundry Centers To Help Mobile App Developers

To all of you mobile developers out there with a great idea and who need access to enterprise-level labs and test centers, AT&T has the space for you. Today the first of three AT&T Foundry Innovation Centers was unveiled in Plano, Texas at the facilities of its partner Alcatel-Lucent, the host-sponsor of the center. A Palo Alto, California center, will open in May, partnering with Ericsson, followed by the the third to open in Tel Aviv, Israel in September, host-sponsored by Amdocs.

AT&T is comparing their idea acceptance process to speed-dating, with developers or teams allowed 15 minutes to present their ideas to a panel of AT&T executives, somewhat similar to what you might see on ABC’s Shark Tank. Execs heard 170 pitches in 2010 and expect to hear 400 this year. Those accepted can either work autonomously via a web portal, use call-in telephone collaboration and support, or have full on-site access to the super high-speed LTE-based networks, labs, and test centers.

AT&T is touting collaboration with peers as well as technology experts and coaches as a major selling point. They’re targeting a time frame of engagement to beta release in 6 months. The center was launched to increase innovation in the mobile market space and will facilitate the company’s engineers and mobile developers working together, essentially speeding the pace of innovation to consumers and enterprises by AT&T. Their current developments is expected to be in rich media, HTML5, and location-based applications, among other areas.

Ultimately, AT&T’s goal with its innovation centers is to get projects that might improve the use of mobile technology to the market three times faster, said AT&T’s chief technology officer John Donovan in a press statement.

More info is available here and here.

Photo Courtesy of The Planet