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Show Me The Tweets!!!

The NFL has teamed up with Visa and Twitter for Super Bowl XLV to engage users in a new social exchange and promote their brands. The trio launched a Super Bowl campaign dubbed “Go Inside Super Bowl XLV With Visa” with a cool site. See url below.


The site includes tweets from reporters covering the Super Bowl and tweets about the game. Using the @nfl for the NFL, @packers for the Green Bay Packers and @steelers for the Pittsburgh Steelers you are able to interact with them on Twitter. It also features tweets from major executives, media personalities, the actual players and celebrities.

The site displays three different graphs that pull data from the Twitterverse; a heat map of sorts showing real-time visualization of trending topics — the larger the area the more tweets for that topic, a gridiron showing number of mentions for given keywords, and a US map overlay indicating frequency of hash tag tweets across the country. The site is neat with lots of goodies, including tweets from famous athletes and graphics that shows volume of tweets on any given NFL-related topic. On the side are screenshots taken this afternoon.

On the heat map and gridiron graph, the Steelers have edged the Packers in nearly every time slice over the last few days. But as of the time the screenshots were taken, Green Bay was coming on strong. On the map overlay, there are some interesting tidbits worth mentioning. To no surprise, the Steelers are popular in the Northeast as is Green Bay in the North. And there is significant Steelers presence in the Seattle area and Florida. It’s strange to think Pittsburgh is so popular all the way up the New England coast, especially considering the proximity of the Patriots. To top everything off, people in Dallas are really tweeting about the Steelers, and I mean A LOT! Cowboys fans are NOT going to be happy about this.

About 40 to 50 per cent of last year’s tweets during the Super Bowl were Super Bowl related, according to Twitter. It started at 40 percent during the beginning of the game and spiked to 50 percent near the end. This encouraged a global conversations of opinions, insults, commercials and promotions from just one game. This year the trio made it official with their partnership and the new site is just the beginning. If you’re counting down to the huge event, check it out. The site is a one-stop spot of all NFL-related trending topics – a new experience of sorts!!