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Technology Related Commercials of SuperBowl XLV

The Green Bay Packers will go down in history as winning Super Bowl XLV (45) in Arlington, Texas tonight. It is a night they will never forget as they took on the Pittsburgh Steelers and won in front of a huge crowd. The game was held in the new Cowboys Stadium and the Packers defeated the Steelers with a score of 31 to 25 on February 6, 2011.

While many truly enjoy the game of football and the comradery the event brings, some just watch for the commercials as advertisers battle it out to see who gets the most eyes.

The commercials run during the breaks and are considered part of the tradition of the game. For some, the ads are more interesting than the actual game and just watch because of it.

The two biggest questions everyone asks is who won and which commercial is everyone’s favorite.

According to Kantar Media, last year the Super Bowl generated over $200 million in advertising revenue, and to advertisers, this is money well spent because over 90 million people are watching the big game. A 30-second spot, generally runs between $2.5 and $3.0 million USD dollars.

This year YouTube and Facebook jumped on the ban wagon and enabled for the first time real-time voting on the commercials. YouTube created the “Ad Blitz Channel” which posts the ads immediately after being aired, and Facebook created a “Replay” section on the Sports on Facebook page, to allow users to vote for their favorite.

While putting all the commercials here does not make sense, we did however decide to list some commercials we believed are technology related. See what you think and let us know which one is your favorite and why.

Motorola XOOM – Empower the People

Chatter.com – Halftime Ad 1 with will.i.am

CareerBuilder.com – Parking Lot

GoDaddy.com – New GoDaddy.CO Girl

GroupOn.com – Tibet

HomeAway.com – Ministry of Detourism

Sony Ericsson Xperia™ PLAY – Android is ready to play

Teleflora.com – Commercial for Valentine’s day – a favorite amongst guys.

Cars.com – The Reviews Are In

Limitless – A new techie movie to be released soon (scientific in nature)

Cellular South – Samsung Galaxy S with All Share

Verizon iPhone

Best Buy and Bieber Fever – featuring Ozzy

Here are some of the photos we took while at the stadium.