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Could Secret US PSY-OPS Plane Be Used In Egypt?

If the Internet had remained blocked in Egypt amidst the recent political uprising, what could the US do about it? The US needs to be very careful about its diplomatic efforts. The Obama administration is stating the Egyptians have universal rights, such as free speech, and access to information. But if the ON switch hadn’t been flipped last week, the US military could have resorted to using a secret tool up their sleeve to get people access to information – a heavily modified EC-130-J Air Force plane. Capable of broadcasting it’s own UHF, VHF, AM, and FM signals for hundreds of miles, and overriding any local transmissions, it can also provide Wi-Fi signals, aided through the use of satellite and non-satellite assets. What that really means is classified.

The US is in a delicate situation here. Flying this plane within or near Egyptian borders could constitute an act of war. But the US provides nearly $2 billion a year in aid, the bulk of that going to fund the Egyptian military. So why not flex their political muscle? Well, the US also knows that the same weapons they been funding through military aid they’ve been providing for years could also be used to shoot down that very expensive plane.

Photos Courtesy of Official US Air Force