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Love’s Special Day – Tech Gadgets

There is nothing sweeter and cooler than giving something that is both classy and high-tech this Valentine’s Day. Gift selection is a lot easier when you can choose from among the different Valentine’s tech gadgets. You can do away with the usual roses and plain jewelry pieces. These gadgets are functional and at the same time attractive.

Here is a glimpse on some of the notable ones:

At $69 dollars, you can give Hightech Jewelry’s silver-plated USB necklace. What makes it different from the usual USB necklace is that it is embellished with Swarovski crystals. You would hardly notice that it can hold 1 GB of data as it just looks like a necklace with a silver-plated ball chain. Most women would love this gift.

Now if you want something to make your woman extremely happy and you have $110,500 to spend, then you can give her a Novero Bluetooth Earpiece Necklace. Most women would adore this pearl necklace with pendant where an earpiece is hidden and functions as a Bluetooth device. Novero, the manufacturer of this jewelry, is a tech company that specializes in accessories like high-tech jewelry and smartphone stands.

Amazon Kindle is another cool gift for her this Valentine’s especially for a woman who loves to read. This is a better alternative to giving books as this portable e-book reader have a wireless connection to allow shopping, browsing, reading e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital media. It’s a must have and a gift favorite. It is worth the $139 especially to someone who is a bookworm.

If your budget is under $50 but you would still want to give a classy and techie gift, then you can go for Cat5 choker. If she is techie or a smarty pants then she would definitely be interested with this choker as it is made from colorful Category 5 Ethernet cables with a clasp that is designed out of a capacitor. It also comes with a matching bracelet. The whole set is a sweet steal at $28.

Photo Courtesy of WolfSoul.