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Can You Death Grip Me Now? Oh Hello No!!

Does the Verizon iPhone have the same signal issue as the ATT iPhone?Does the Verizon iPhone have the same signal issue as the ATT iPhone?

Verizon iPhone -Death Grip

Yes you can! February 10, 2011 is the first day you are supposed to be able to buy the new Verizon iPhone in stores.  Before you stand in line, lay down your cash, sign a long term deal, and walk out the door; you may want to check this out.

According to some reports, the infamous iPhone 4 deathgrip is affecting the Verizon model. Despite claims that the Verizon iPhone would be free of such issues, there seems to be evidence that it is happening.

At a press conference last month, Verizon said the antenna was changed slightly to accommodate CDMA, the wireless technology they use which is different than AT&T.  Apple ended up giving people free phone covers the issue was so bad with the iPhone 4.  Now, people are saying if you hold your Verizon iPhone in the same death inducing kung-fu grip known all to well to some ATT iPhone users, the bars wilt under your mighty grasp.

But it gets even more fun! According to some users, a grip chokes your Wi-Fi performance in landscape mode. A lot of phone games are played in this mode, but you don’t normally wrap your hand around it when doing so.  It remains to be seen how big a deal that is.

So, if you absolutely have to have the Verizon iPhone and can’t wait to send your hard earned cash to Cupertino, you might want to send a little bit to whichever company in Hong Kong is making a compatible phone case.

It might be a good idea to wait a few months to find out how thrilled the Apple iPhone users are with their new carrier.  ATT was set on fire and put out with a brick. They became the scapegoat for all the iPhone woes.  What if the Verizon iPhone has issues as well?  I for one am hoping the Verizon network is an improvement for the iPhone platform; especially with voice quality. I have trouble understanding anyone who has an iPhone. To me, their voices sound muffled and flat.

Surely, the iPhone isn’t just an above average but extremely well marketed smart phone; is it?  Cross your fingers, but not in a way that will affect the viPhones ability to get a signal.

Photo Courtesy of Thecreatrus