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Cloud-Based Mini-iPhone In The Works
Smaller Apple iPhone in the worksSmaller Apple iPhone in the works

Smaller Apple iPhone in the works

Rumors persist that Apple will be coming out with a smaller and less expensive version of their extremely popular iPhone — this time with no contract. As of this writing, there is no official confirmation from Apple. But reports suggest that media and data storage will be, at least in part, in the cloud. That would allow making a device extremely tiny, perhaps as much as half the size of an iPhone 4. But of course there’s the screen that needs to be viewable. With cloud storage, it’s still unclear how accessible your content will really be, as you jump from one wifi zone to another if you’re on the road, or actually in the clouds on an airplane.

If this device actually exists, product release is possible this summer.

The new device is dubbed the “iPhone nano” because of it size. Some claim to have seen a recent prototype, and say the device is much lighter and has edge-to-edge screen without the typical home button. It also has a virtual keyboard and voice-based navigation.

Apparently the new model is codenamed “N97″ and is intended to sale alongside the existing iPhone line.

The cheaper and smaller iPhone could help Apple penetrate other markets where shoppers opt for lower-priced devices without long term contracts.

Photo Courtesy of Robert Scoble.
Photo Courtesy of Huasonic.