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Bibliographies The Easy Way — With An App!!

Here’s an idea for all you students who love producing research papers, but hate working on the requisite bibliography. Now you can simply scan in the bar codes of your books with your phone, and you’ll be sent a citation in an email, fitting one of four styles: APA, MLA, Chicago, or IEEE. No longer will you have to type all of that bibliography information manually; Quick Cite will do it for you. Quick Cite is built for both the iPhone and Android platforms and costs 99 cents. The team from the University of Waterloo that designed the app is named 7Cubed. They estimate that a paper containing 200 sources could eliminate 11-12 hours of effort, well worth it in sanity saved.

The app is not without its drawbacks, however. Sometimes the bar code may contain incomplete information. And its collection of online databases it searches for book bar codes is limited, so any obscure sources may need to done the old fashioned way. But the team is working to add more databases all the time.