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Libya — The Big Question For Bit.ly and Deck.ly

Libya has begun blocking access to Facebook in Tripoli, the country’s capital, and is cutting off electricity and access to the Internet as a response to anti-goverment protests. Both the BBC and AFP are reporting that Muammar Gaddafi’s government started taking these measures at around 10pm local time.

The unrest in the Middle East has not just impacted Egypt but as we’re seeing, it is now moving to all neighboring countries, and Libya is no exception. However there is one major difference with Libya – sure there will be more bloodshed and the revolution will last longer, but that’s not it. Libya hosts the .ly domains and there are two big domains in this country – name bit.ly and deck.ly.

These two domains provide services to people whom rely on them and most are not in Libya. What happens if the country decides to just turn off the Internet all together? What will people do? These are just two domains, what about all the other domains registered using that country’s suffix, will they also be shutdown?? I am not expert in this field, but it seems that it’s quite likely that it could happen.

If the access to specific sites are blocked, people can use proxies, but if the Internet lines are shutdown or the power is turned off, the story is different all together. Without getting too technical, if the DNS is hosted inside the country where access is shutdown then all traffic to those sites is also down. Hence, this could not only impact bit.ly and deck.ly but all domains registered within Libyan control.

Perhaps the revolutions in the Middle East will allow people to rethink government sponsored/hosted domain registration.

All this traffic is also causing Twitter to go down sporadically — specially during heavy usage.

Photo courtesy of Amine Agrebi
Photo courtesy of Xeni