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Google Cloud Connect – Collaborate Seamlessly

Google Cloud Connect - Collaboration

Do you need to collaborate and work on a Microsoft Office file but don’t know what tools are available??

Google just released Google Cloud Connect, a software plug-in that moves Office files to Google Docs. With the plugin you can save the files to Google Docs and have them available all the time no matter where you are, reducing the confusion of which version is the most recent. It also gives you the ability to collaborate on documents. For example, your colleagues in Miami, Florida could edit the file’s table of content while the creative director, who works from Dallas Texas, adjust formating. This reduces the need to send documents back and forth as email attachments making collaboration seamlessly despite not working from the same location.

With the plugin, every revision of the documents are saved providing the ability to review changes and roll back if necessary. The files can also be shared with a view-only option making it easier to disperse information online.

Cloud Connect is free and works with Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 on any Windows PCs. Sorry Mac users – no plugin for you at this time. The lack of support for open APIs on Microsoft Office for Mac does not allow Google to create the plugin for you guys.

Download CloudConnect

Below are some videos.

Photo Courtesy of OkayCityNate