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App Alerts Customers To Unsanitary NY Restaurants

A New York student has managed to create a public service that provides timely and relevant information to users who subscribe to Foursquare. The donteat.at application was developed by Max Stoller for the NYC_Big_Apps competition, which is sponsored by the NY Economic Development Corporation and the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunication for New York City.

The app works by accessing the public data for flagged restaurants, which is updated on a weekly basis by the city. New York City health inspectors grade restaurants on a points scale, where less points mean a better ranking. If an establishment goes above 28 points, the restaurant is flagged.

If you’re interested in using the service, just go to donteat.at. There, you will be asked to link to a Fourquare account, after which the rest of the service is automatic. Users need to visit the donteat page just once. From then on, just use Foursquare as you normally would and if a hungry eater uses their Fourquare account to check into a restaurant, a text message will appear on the user’s phone to alert them to the fact that the restaurant has been flagged by the city’s health inspection office.

Stoller says that an alert will come “in under a minute–I worked very hard on that”. The app developer is targeting the city of San Francisco to expand the app’s reach but admits that it will be more difficult to implement there. Stoller is also looking into alerting users to restaurants that have been unflagged.

Photo Courtesy of FlySi