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A Glimpse of The Future – Very Interactive

Corning has released a six minute video that provides a glimpse of what the future will be like. Apparently it’s very interactive and filled with touch sensitive, electronically enabled display glass that turn household items like bathroom mirrors, refrigerator doors and counter tops — into interactive surfaces similar to the screens on tablets and phones.

It wants to put these touch screens in vehicle displays and integrate it into their designs, plus use large display for videoconferencing and business collaboration from any where. For example, you could send an e-mail from your bathroom mirror — or any similar surface in your home. Or you could watch the news on the kitchen counter — literally while making breakfast or coffee. The new glass surfaces would also allow you to transfer an image from your smartphone to, say, a kitchen counter top, where it could be resized.

Check out the video — I am sure you will be mesmerized.

Photo Courtesy of K.Costin Photography
Photo Courtesy of Two Steps Behind
Photo Courtesy of Maguis & David