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Push To Talk Apps – Your Fancy Phone As A Walkie-Talkie

Remember those cool walkie-talkies you use to have, you know – the ones you used as a kid to talk with your friends. They were limited to about 200 feet and it was cool to use them (when you were six yrs old of course). Well there are several apps that convert your fancy phone into one of those old walkie-talkies.

Two of the most notables apps are the HeyTell and the TiKL apps. Both are similar but each has different options. However, they both resemble Nextel phones with considerable lag in transmission since its over WiFi and/or 3G, but they seem fairly good.

While you wont see me using this app (I think its for kids) the apps are a sign that people are just recreating old technologies. Is there no new innovative way to enhance communication??? Sure you can send voice messages over wifi, and it looks and sounds great — but that was available 20yrs ago in the form a motorola radio. Heck the iPhone has Facetime which allows you to do voice and video, so why would I use just a walkie-talkie. There is also Skype and Google Voice and a ton of other apps so whats the point of these apps??

If you are going to recreate stuff be innovative, ground breaking — create apps that do more than just send blirps to people. These are just communication apps and that space is saturated with other apps, some of which have a ton more features.

If you want to create apps that are cool, be unique, innovative and think outside the app store. Do something that has not been done before or something that is better than what the others are doing.