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Andy Rooney Has Not Gotten The Memo on eBooks

Andy Rooney from 60 Minutes discussed the subject of e-books last night and apparently he hasn’t gotten the memo that eBooks will replace regular books in a not too distant future. Mind you, how should I say this, he is a little old; well maybe allot old.

Rooney does not understand why eBooks will replace paper books. In fact, he seems surprised at the notion that one might even consider buying them. Perhaps he just loves seeing a wall full of hard cover books in his plush office, perhaps he likes carrying a bag full of heavy paper books around, if he is reading several. Perhaps he has stocks on a paper company — who knows!! The point is, eBooks are definitely doing allot better than their paper counterpart (according to Amazon) – partly because they are easier to carry around, they cost much less and allows more people to consider them. They also allow regular people to publish their own stuff removing the bureaucracy of big publishing houses. Oh and did I mention that distribution is more effective and efficient — no shipping or printing cost, and easier to track!!

Rooney wants to be able to hold books and turn their pages, as he has done for decades, but this is limiting himself to no change. Maybe its his age, but change is important and he needs to embrace it cause it allows us to improve and to evolve from a medium that destroys trees and cost considerably more than the the new alternative.

And with state budgets on the line, the coming of eBooks will certainly help public libraries. A complete library could be placed on a decent sever and managed with little overhead – no buildings and minimal personnel needed. Simply log-in and download your eBooks so the technology is excellent for reducing cost. It’s also easier to accept and implement across states with budget concerns.

Simply said, Andy Rooney has not gotten the memo on eBooks!!

Photo Courtesy of goXunuReviews.