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Smart Labels for GMail – Automatically Sorts Bulk Emails

Google Labs released smart labels this morning, which provides the ability to sort e-mail into three different tags (categories). Essentially Smart Labels automatically redirects email into Bulk, Notification and Forum so they never hit your inbox but instead are delivered into their respective folders.

According to Google this is to separate personal e-mail from things such as bulk e-mail promotions and Facebook notifications that can quickly clutter your inbox. Stanley Chen, a software engineer at Google, explained that “Gmail’s filters and labels were invented to help manage the deluge” of email.

Smart Labels is currently offered through Google Labs and compliments the “Priority Inbox”. If you decide to use it, it will help you sort and file automatically your email reducing time. However some say that people will not read emails once they sorted into folders automatically. And while the Smart Label enhancement is a great solution, it does not diminish the email fatigue that comes with receiving high volumes of emails.

To activate the Gmail Smart Labels go to the Labs tab in Settings and scroll down to Smart Labels to enable it.

Here are the three main categories for the Smart Labels.

  • Bulk: Mass mailings, like newsletters and offerings from companies. Basically, the email equivalent of the bulk mail you get in paper form.
  • Notifications: Messages sent to you directly, but automatically generated—monthly statements, bills, receipts, and updates from social services like Facebook.
  • Forums: Messages from mailing lists, forums, or other groups you’ve joined.

Here is a Lynda tutorial on Gmail Labels.

Photo Courtesy of Emilie Ogez