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iPhone Prototype With 64GB Memory Leaked (VIDEO Proof)

64G Memory option for iPhone5?

Rumors have been flying around that there was an iPhone with 64GB of memory in the works. Now we have complete proof — even a hands on video to make sure its not the works a photoshop genius. So for all those of you who have been waiting for iPhone 5, good news is, it will likely include the increased memory.

Apparently the device is still a prototype but claims to be the real device indeed. However, the device is still not even for sale in the Hong Kong markets according to the site MIC Gadget which put out the video.

The device looks like it was leaked from Foxconn’s factory in Shenzhen and the owner of the prototype told the site that he got it from a source who has a small quantity of them.

The phone’s back plate shows XXGB rather than 64GB, which is similar to the leak revealed by the prototype given to Gizmodo last year. There are also obvious signs that the device is in fact an engineering prototype. It does not include the plus/minus signs on the volume control buttons and does have the silver ring around the camera. Those features were also absent from Gizmodo’s piece. Plus the device also has no SIM lock.

What do you think — Will iPhone 5 come with the 64GB memory option??



Photos Courtesy of Witer