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Japan Remains Online Despite Quake Devastation

Japan Internet Connection

The ongoing damage and devastation in Japan is of epic proportions. The 8.9-magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami has claimed the lives of many and destroyed villages along its coast. It has even created a nuclear scare with the possibility of having a meltdown in one the nuclear plants. However, one thing that withstood the ordeal is Internet connectivity.

According to Renesys, only a small fraction of Japan’s Internet connections were affected by this massive catastrophic event. Vital communication systems have not gone down and this has enabled those in Japan to communicate with others in and outside the devastated areas.

Communication infrastructure has not been significantly impacted from the earthquake. There was a drop of 25 Gbps in internet traffic, experienced immediately after the earthquake, but things rebounded to by the end of the day. The majority of the region’s submarine cables were safeguarded against the destruction which has allowed the cables to continue carrying traffic as usual.

Communication is much better in comparison to the 2006 Taiwan earthquake, which caused a significant number of the underwater cables to break, resulting in major communication disruptions.

Of course, reports of congestion and traffic drops exists but most websites are online and operational. This has allowed people in the country to remain active on the Internet sharing videos, photos and documenting the tragedy for others around the world to see. Some postings detail the quake’s impact while others report missing people and information about how to get in touch with loved ones.

While Internet connectivity has been active, the situation is still dire. There are reports that as many as 10,000 people have perished from the tsunami, most in the towns along the seaside. Countless more are homeless or displaced. However, in times of grief and loss, the citizens of Japan are grateful to have a mode of communication where they can unite and share support for one another.

We wish Japan a quick recovery and extend our condolences for the victims of this tragic earthquake.

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Logan
Photo Courtesy of Genista
Photo Courtesy of Dr. Logan