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Google Has You Running in “Circles” — Not Launching Soon

Im feeling socialGoogle Circles

There were multiple reports out this morning about a Social site that Google was launching called “Google Circles”. The initial report came out of the ReadWriteWeb blog site.

The reports claimed that Google Circles allows sharing status messages on all social networks, Twitter and Facebook for example, as well as photos, videos and check-ins. It also stated that Google Circles was in fact Google Me, claiming that Google Me was just the codename, and that it was launching this summer(see ZDNEt.)

AllthingsDigital even pointed out that Google Circles was already active pointing the following site that shows your social graph and shares with your contacts.

According to AllThingsDigital, Google rebutted “We’re not launching any products at SXSW.” Although Google mentioned that they weren’t launching products at the very moment, they did not deny such a claim, and with Google’s large size, may seem like a confirmation.

Messina(pictured), a developer, advises Google’s social products team on various Web issues. Upon reading the news, he remarked that he “didn’t know what [they] were talking about” and also confirmed that Google was not currently working on such a product.

Here is the Tweet from Google on launching a new product at SXSW.

Google does have a Social Search that they have enabled(see this video.)

Photo Courtesy of Panda Ray
Photo Courtesy of AllThingsD