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Does Twitter Need To Consider Real Time TV Channels??

Twitter Social TV

At one of the sessions of the SXSW event, the main take away point is that people are tweeting more often when they are watching TV. Whether it is live sports (superbowl), breaking news (Japan’s earthquake), or just watching a favorite show (House) – people are actively tweeting while watching TV. Essentially, it’s like they want to engage with others more frequently as they watch news, sports and their favorite shows. So the question that I believe Twitter should be asking themselves is, should they consider strategic partnerships with major networks or should they create TV channels of their own?


According to a MIT Technology Review, TV viewership has been declining for years. However, social media and events such as the Olympics, the Superbowl, and the Grammys, are enabling people to interact more frequently and create social buzz. People are watching television and using smart phones or laptops to text, tweet and update statuses about the stuff on TV because it’s real time. This will no doubt open the door to what will be called real time social interaction. Hence an extension of both mediums.

Watching television while tweeting allows people to share and discuss ideas and makes it easier from those same people to socialize. You can now share thoughts with people across the globe on real time events as they happen, so it’s no longer restricted to your friends in the living room. Thus, will Twitter evolve into television or will television extend its medium and build Twittter-like features?


Photo Courtesy of Danilo Ramos
Photo Courtesy of ResPres