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Bing’s Marketshare On The Rise

According to data released Friday by ComScore, February was a good month for Bing as their company gained a larger chunk of the search engine “pie.” Amongst the top three search engines, Microsoft’s market share rose to 13.6%, up 0.5% from January, while Google decreased 0.2%. Of course, Google still dominated the market with it’s enormous 65.4% slice of the search engine realm. Yahoo still lies in the distance, with a “Bing-like” 16.1%.

Although Microsoft has seen a rise in success, the number of searches performed at Bing fell to 2.1 billion, down 5 percent compared with the previous month’s numbers. However, those figures were still better than those at the other search engines. In February, Google witnessed the number of searches at its site fall by 9 percent to 10.1 billion. Yahoo found a similar 9 percent drop with its total number of searches declining to 2.5 billion. ComScore explained that the lower number of searches last month is simply due to the short month of February.

Overall, Internet users made around 15.4 billion searches last month, compared with 16.9 billion run in January.

As always, the results focused on the total number of explicit core searches–search terms manually entered on a Web page.