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Blogger Finally Getting A Better User Design

Google finally got the memo and has updated their blogging platform, Blogger, with a new user interface design. The interface looks much better than the previous one which is so 2000 and late.

From preview screenshots posted on Google’s Blog (see one also below) Blogger’s Dashboard and Post Editor have been completely redesigned and look similar to a social media sharing site. The new design is a much needed improvement and also comes with the Google Web Toolkit bulletin.

The site has been losing users to sites like Tumblr, WordPress, and Posterous in the past few years. Users flock to those sites for content creation. This new design will help keep users from leaving, and at the same time, bring others back.

Blogger’s audience still sees considerable traffic. According to product manager Chang Kim, Blogger.com has over a billion posts and half a trillion words. About 75% of the site traffic comes from outside the US – probably because the platform is available in 50 different languages. Fortunately, Google has not forgotten about all those users and is making efforts to improve the site. This new design change is a testament to that.

Screenshot of the new dashboard.


Photo Courtesy of Vanilla Forums