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eBay Announces 50 Free Listings Per Month

eBay has announced new pricing that will make it even easier for people to sell their unwanted belongings on the enormous auction site. For the first time in its history, eBay is making it free to list up to 50 items PER month in auctions at any start price, and FREE to add the “Buy it Now” option to those listings, drawing auction enthusiasts and shoppers looking for an immediate fix. When will those go into effect? April 19th, 2011. The new pricing builds on a series of free-listing promos that were had in 2010 and which resulted in significant increases in new listers.

Christopher Payne, SVP and head of eBay North America, stated, “As we look toward the future of commerce, eBay is positioning small sellers and larger merchants alike for growth, and connecting them with shoppers excited about their great deals and terrific service….We are listening to our customers and continue to tailor pricing to ensure the success of our sellers, and make eBay more convenient, accessible and relevant to their customers.”

If this new promotion wasn’t good enough, eBay will also be reducing Final Value Fee rates for both Store and Fixed Price sellers. This measure is directed toward what customers want, free and low-cost shipping. The new pricing structure will also reward sellers who offer great shopping experiences for their customers. The Final Value Fee structure will take place for non-store sellers on April 19, 2011 for Store sellers, and July 6, 2011 for Fixed Price sellers.

If you’re strapped for cash in this uncertain economy, April 19th will be the opportune time to start earning some dough!

Photo Courtesy of Cheon Fong Liew
Photo Courtesy of Brian Turner