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Seagate Drive Revamp Increases Performance

Seagate Technology launched the largest enterprise revamp in their company’s history on Tuesday with its Pulsar family of solid-state drives, offering capacities of up to 800GB. They also rolled out their Savvio and Constellation hard-disk drives, with capacities ranging between 154GB and 3TB. Their aim is to help IT managers cope with storage needs, driven by new consumer devices that directly and indirectly consume enterprise storage.

The company’s Pulsar SSD platform has been tested take on more than ten full drive writes per day, or 15 petabytes written over the course of the drive’s lifetime. Their Savio 10K.5 and Savvio 15K.3 HDDs have a reliability rating of 99.5% average per two million hours.

Seagate’s Executive Vice President, Kurt Richarz stated that “Seagate’s new family of enterprise storage solutions meets the diverse storage needs of these high-growth application environments — whether it’s fast transactional database servers, bulk storage and archiving, or everything in between.”
The Pulsar solid-state drives pack quite the punch with the multilevel cell NAND memory elements. For an additional peace of mind, the Pulsar.2 automatically detects and corrects anomalies that may occur during normal drive use.
For true speed, Seagate’s Pulsar XT.2 is the fastest drive in their new lineup. It is capable of storing up to 400GB of data and works as a “plug n’ play.” It is equipped with a blazing fast speed of 6GB/s SAS interface, with read/write capabilities of 48K/22K input/output operations per second. It comes with a self-encrypting drive(SED) option. If those weren’t enough features to sell you, Seagate also offers advanced media-management technology to help protect enterprises against unexpected data changes or losses.

The Savvio and Constellation drives are no lightweights either. Available in a 2.5 inch form factor, the Savvio 15k.3 is equipped with a 6GB SAS interface and has a max load of 300GB. The Constellation drives can be purchased with up to 3TB of capacity with the options of choosing either a 6GB/s SAS or SATA interface. It is capable of powering both server and bulk storage solutions. All of these drives will be available for purchase by the second quarter.

Photo Courtesy of half_empty
Photo Courtesy of Sean Dreilinger
Photo Courtesy of Tim Dorr