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T-Mobile Announces New 10GB Data Plan

T-Mobile has announced a new 10GB cellular data plan for those heavy modem and tablet users. The cost? $84.99. That is, if you’re not adding the service to a voice plan. If you are, well then, you will “only” be paying an additional $67.99 to your current voice plan. If this sounds a little steep, please note that it includes unlimited access to T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi hotspots. So, if you enjoy hanging around Starbucks all day, this may be for you.

While wireless carriers have sped up their networks, data limits are still strictly enforced. Those using the 5GB industry standard, are naturally charged overage for any data usage above 5GB. Not to mention your internet is likely to take a dive for the rest of your plan’s cycle. Of the major wireless service providers, Sprint offers an unlimited laptop modem plan on its 4G WiMax network.

Although T-Mobile spokesman David Henderson notes that “less than 5 percent of wireless data users exceed 5GB…it’s not clear whether that’s because they don’t actually want more data, or if that’s their limit.”

For those “less frequent” tablet users, there is also a 5GB plan for $49.99, and a 200MB plan for $29.99 and 10 cents for each additional megabyte used.

And of course, if you don’t mind browsing the internet via a smartphone, T-Mobile does offer unlimited data plans when bundled with talk and text, starting at $79.99.

Photo Courtesy of ViaGallery