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Twitter Upgrades Security Features

After just two weeks of Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter account being hijacked, Twitter announced the addition of a new feature to every account: HTTPS by default.

Twitter states “Using HTTPS for your favorite Internet services is particularly important when using them over unsecured WiFi connections…To turn on HTTPS, go to your settings and check the box next to “Always use HTTPS,” which is at the bottom of the page.” Twitter emphasizes the importance of enabling this feature in order to better protect your information if you’re using Twitter over a public WiFi network, where there may be eavesdroppers trying to take a peek at your website activity. Twitter has plans to make HTTPS the default setting, without having the user to enable it.

The first video below shows a security vulnerability that was actively exploited through Twitter. The second video is posted to educate you on how to take protective measures when using the internet.

With Twitter’s ever expanding popularity amongst consumers and celebrities alike, it would probably be best to continue upgrading their security to protect the valuable identities of those who feel free to post their latest happenings.



Photo Courtesy by Caroline and Louis Volant

Photo Courtesy by Max Klingensmith