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Microsoft’s Zune Has Finally Croaked

It has been four and a half years since Microsoft launched its Zune media player. Just four and a half years. A report from Bloomberg stated that the company has discontinued Zune production due to weak sales and even weaker demand. The company will abandon the Zune concept and focus on their media player software instead.

Even though the Zune launched in November of 2006(right before the Christmas rush), the media players never really caught on with customers. In 2009, Microsoft launched the Zune HD, but even with a bolstered spec sheet and sexy styling, people preferred the iPod Touch. While Apple was enjoying 77% of media player sales in 2010, Zune didn’t even make it into the top five.

Although the Zune wasn’t by any means popular, consumers who were using the product did enjoy the user interface and the unlimited subscription service offered by Microsoft. The tech giant listened to their few supporters and implemented many of the same desired features into the Windows Phone 7 media. For Microsoft, Windows Phone is a new to the smartphone market and is currently trailing Apple, Android devices, and RIM’s Blackberry.

Photo Courtesy of Ged Carrol
Photo Courtesy of Sean Choe