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Life Saving App When Disaster Strikes

Alert Apps

Taiwanese university researchers have released a mobile phone app that will transmit(to any number of people) the location of users trapped in an earthquake or mudslide tragedy. What will it take to achieve this? Just one touch on your mobile device.

Liang, an assistant professor at Lunghwa University of Science and Technology explains that the app transmits the latitude and longitude coordinates of people stranded in disaster areas. The potentially life saving mobile app went on sale on Tuesday, following the massive earthquake in Japan last week.

The app will cost only $2.99USD and will be available in English, Chinese, or Japanese. All proceeds from sales will go to the victims of the devastation either through Japan’s foreign ministry or through a Red Cross chapter. The first installment will be paid out within a month. After that time period, the money made from the app will go the reconstruction and housing for people displaced by earthquake or tsunami.

The life saving application works by taking location data from a mobile phone’s built-in GPS and sends it as a request for help to emergency phones as well as to family members, or whichever numbers the user programs in. Liang notes that the project was her idea because Taiwan has experienced earthquakes and mudslides where people couldn’t be found. While other inventors have developed emergency mobile applications, none used a single touchscreen button or were sold as widely.

The new app can also be used for abductions or other situations that are impossible to escape without help.

Photo Courtesy of Ford in Europe
Photo Courtesy of fsse-info