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If You Dont Have An iPhone — You’re Screwed ???

Apple has come out with a series of ads titled “If You Don’t Have an iPhone” which plays of the notion that the iPhone has more features and is superior to other smartphones.

While I admit the iPhone was revolutionary, the ads make it seem that if you don’t have an iPhone, you are not cool enough or hip enough. The ads try to make it seem as if Apple has the best notebooks, MP3 players, and App store features but in reality there are other great alternatives too.

No doubt Apple has always been savvy about their marketing campaigns, however, in these ads they missed the point. Sure, Apple has some great products and services; the iBook, the App store, and iPods are great,  but, when the economy takes a hit not everyone can afford an expensive iPhone. So, when they make ads that rub their features in your face about how superior they are, their plan is likely to back fire with consumers.

In a time when competitors are making similar high-quality products with awesome features, for them to display ads that seem snobby will not sit well with consumers and will likely hurt their brand.

Personally, I think the ads suck and I believe there are other products that are superior. So here is my note to Apple — Your shit does stink, and if people don’t have an iPhone that’s OK. I hope they go out and buy Android phones, considering they cost much less and has equally impressive features.

Check out the ads on the videos below.


Photo Courtesy of Rob Michalski
Photo Courtesy of Rob Michalski

  • John

    Thought I was the only person who felt this way… I’ve grown tired of Apple eluding to how uncool everyone else is if they use any other product..  High School was very similar.. if I didn’t have a Ralph Lauren polo shirt.. I wasn’t cool… I didn’t have the cash or wasn’t willing to hound my parents until they got me one…

    Today I see people with ‘entry level’ jobs sporting iPhones, iPads… Canada Goose jackets on $10 an hour jobs… they are cooler than me?  really?  Go to any trendy area of the city and you’ll see many young people with the latest gadgets/ fashion.. Ask any of them what they do and you’ll be surprised how many live at home with mom and dad.. but pose off with the gadgets like “they can afford it”…… throw in the leased bmw mini.. and you’ve got the lifestyle Apple targets…. 

    the rest of us are not cool enough…  it becomes tiresome watching people front like big timers… when you know they can’t afford it.. 

    This was all created by ideas like “If you don’t have an iPhone… you are not cool”…

    I guess I’m not cool then… 🙂