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Firefox 4 Release, No More Crashes?

Mozilla announced yesterday that they would ship the final version of Firefox 4 on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011. The upgrade will be ready to download around 7AM PST on the same day, just eight days after Internet Explorer 9’s release. Mozilla hopes to ship a major upgrade every quarter.

Computer World explains many of Firefox 4’s features. Mainly, that it will sport a new HTML 5 parser, native support for WebM video standard, support for WebGL, and hardware acceleration based on Window Vista’s and Window 7’s Direct2D. Firefox 4 will also include a new crash-protection feature, dubbed “out of process plug-in” or OOPP, which aims to protect the browser from crashing by Adobe’s Flash, Apple’s Quicktime, or Microsoft’s Silverlight.

For those curious to see how Firefox 4 functions, Mozilla claimed that their Firefox RC(release candidate) is virtually identical to the final build. Check the video below to watch a review of the latest Firefox beta.

Photo Courtesy of DigitalArt2