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Global Community Urges Evacuation For Japan

US authorities urge Americans to withhold travel plans to Japan. The extremely high radiation from Japan’s Nuclear plant, Fukushima covers a 50 mile radius with the possibility of lower levels of radiation covering farther distances.

Rolling power outages are still happening within the Tokyo Metropolitan area, as well as areas in northeast Japan affected by the earthquake and tsunami. The US Department of State reminds citizens that there is a high chance of large aftershocks following for weeks after the massive earthquake. With strong aftershocks likely to follow, comes the risk of more tsunamis.
In a Reuters report, France, US, and South Korea have all urged their citizens to flee Japan.

According to Business Insider, the Chief Cabinet Secretary, Yukio Edano said that the most recent spike in radiation may come from a damaged containment vessel in reactor No. 3, where rising smoke or steam was found on Wednesday. This happened at about the same time when a fire broke out in reactor #4 and an explosion in reactor #2.
There are currently 50 technicians who remain at Fukushima.

President Obama will give a statement at 3:30PM on this matter, while the US is pulling out search and rescue teams, as well as offering voluntary evacuations for military families.

Our prayers go out to the families who have lost loved ones and we continue to stand with them in this terrible tragedy.

Photo Courtesy of Douglas Sprott
Photo Courtesy of Gianluca Divisi