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Iran Launches Rocket Into Space

Iran has successfully launched a rocket on Tuesday, that is capable of sending satellites and live animals into space. Reuters reports that the Kavoshgar-4 rocket is expected to be tested for future launches with monkey occupants, before a manned space mission.

The purpose of the launch is to test the engine’s performance, as well as the launch pad, capsule and electronic systems. The end goal is to receive satellite images from a 75 mile orbit. The western perspective on this is what you’d normally expect, fear. Washington believes that Iran is trying to build nuclear bombs and use long-range ballistic technology to launch warheads. Iran claims that their nuclear program is solely to generate electricity.

Personally, I cannot tell whether this is an act of Iran asserting their independence, or if they do indeed have future ill-willed goals. I believe a healthy dose of skepticism is always good when assessing actions, so as long as we remain aware as a nation, we cannot condemn other nations for improving their technology. They have every right to their success as we, or any other nation does.

Photo Courtesy of Lecates