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Obama Calls For Data Privacy Law

According to IT World, the Obama Administration is backing a new data privacy bill or rights that will protect consumers against online tracking and data collection by advertisers.

The White House stated that they wanted to enact legislation by offering “baseline consumer data privacy protections,” during a testimony given by Lawrence Strickling of the Senate Committee on Commerce Science and Transportation.

Professor at Fordham Law School, Joel Reidenberg notes that the 1974 U.S. Data Privacy Act was a broad privacy rule originally meant to cover both the private sector and federal agencies. However, at the last minute, it was tweaked to apply only to government agencies.

The administration feels support from concerned citizens who are frustrated and angry about the uncontrolled online data collection practices that are currently going on. Computer World mentions some well noted examples come from media giants such as Facebook and Google, where data was used in a way that some people thought violated their right to privacy. Check out the video below to watch Harry Lewis speak on data privacy.

Photo Courtesy of Alan Cleaver
Photo Courtesy of Ethan Bloch