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Pay Up!! — The NY Times Wants Your Money

The New York Times launched a new pay model in Canada and expects to implement it in the United States and globally by March 28th. The model? NY Times plans on charging readers for full access to articles on smartphones, tablet computers, and the Internet.

The Times’ new pay model will allow casual readers to access the New York Times, but once the viewer goes over his or her 20 article-per-month allotment, he or she will have to pay for full access.

According to Reuters, Martin Nisenholtz, SVP of Digital Operations says, “We need to make sure that part of our business continues to grow…The way we think we can do that is [by] taking this metered approach charging the folks who are drinking deeply.”

For those who require full access to the NY Times, expect to pay $15 per month for access through a smartphone application, $20 per month for access via an iPad, and $35 a month for access online, through a smartphone, and an ipad. If this wasn’t bad enough, the Times will also be limited the amount of free articles on Google to five a day. With all businesses focused on the success or failure of this new plan, we are sure to see if this trend catches on.

Photo Courtesy of Bird Farm
Photo Courtesy of Jorge Hermano