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App Lets You Read Books To Your Kids Remotely

Despite the recent low blow strategy to boost up sales, we cannot deny that Apple is still a key player in the tech world. To take it one step further, they still have innovative software for consumers to use, and the apps that run on their devices are no exception.

Ustwo has released a revolutionary app that truly welcomes human-computer interaction Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime (catchy, isn’t it?). Not only does it allow you to read to your child, remotely, but it gives that extra dimension of magic that a story brings to a child.

While it doesn’t replace being there, it does cater to the needs of the modern American household where parents are often away on business trips or simply cannot be home in time for Johnny’s bedtime. If only there were more applications to fill in the gaps of our lives, but let’s not sell ourselves short just yet. We are living and breathing in the technological era and are making history as we speak. For year 2011, I think we are making satisfactory progress.

You can purchase the app for $3.99, and at that price, it can’t be beat.

Watch the video below to see this revolutionary application in action.

Photo Courtesy of Yutaka Tsutano
Photo Courtesy of samwebster