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The Chinese Cafe Crackdown

According to a new Chinese government report, China took down over 130,000 illegal internet cafes over the past six years, in efforts to control the market.

Chinese Internet cafes are government regulated and authorities have made it illegal to serve customers under 18 years of age, claiming that the net could endanger their well-being.

According to PC World, The Ministry of Culture declared in April of 2010, that they would support Internet cafe chains, but seek to stop the establishment of independently operated ones. Out of 450 million Internet users, about a third browse the web through such cafes. Additional efforts have been made to block out any political material or content opposing the Chinese government.

Despite all the closures, the number of Internet cafe users increased by 28 million people in 2010, which is a bit baffling. Around nine percent of Chinese Internet cafe users are under the age of 18.
Check out the video below to see what an Internet Cafe desktop looks like!

Photo Courtesy of Ben Gao
Photo Courtesy of s0ftmachine