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Evoluce’s 46″ Gesture Control Display With 3D Sense

Evoluce’s new 46″ Gesture Control Display will feature 3D-sensing technology. The Full HD display will read gestures from a 4 meter distance. If that didn’t grab your attention, maybe I should mention the integrated depth-sensing technology that works with intelligent gesture control software to maximize what you can do with the display.

Since the large interactive screen is razor thin, it can be installed in any location that needs a sophisticated touch. The custom WIN&I software takes the best of both worlds and combines Windows 7 with thousands of apps. The software also replaces mouse input by tracking gestures from users via the integrated depth sensor.

Evoluce lists some tech specs of the new display:
• Gesture Control LCD 46“
• Integrated 3D depth-sensing sensor
Panel: NEC P461 Public Display
• Full HD (1920 x 1080)
• VESA mounting
• Scratch-resistant front glass
• Gesture Control Software WIN&I 1.0 Business Edition for Windows 7
• Optional plug & play design with WIN&I 1.0 Business Edition pre-installed on a high-performance PC

View the video below to learn more about Evoluce’s innovative products.

Photo Courtesy of John Bristowe
Photo Courtesy of Presley Perswain