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Want A Million Dollar Domain? SUN.COM – May Be For Sale

Oracle bought Sun Microsystems last year for 7.4 billion dollars and with it came a short domain Sun.com (thought to be worth at least $1 million USD). Now Oracle is actively unloading the site, so experts say Oracle is also considering selling the unique domain.

Kemer Thomson, an Oracle senior manager, announced in a blog post that Oracle is planning on decommissioning Sun.com on June 1.

According to IT World, the CEO of Oversee.net, Jeff Kupietzky believes the three letter domain to be priced so high because of the positive connotation the word has, as well as being a common search term.

While a million dollars may seem just a tad high for a word, it is not uncommon for popular domains sell for big bucks, sometimes even over $2 million dollars.

Sun.com was registered on March 19th, 1986, and is the 11th oldest “.com” still active. Oracle has not said on what it plans to do with the popular domain name, which expires on 3/20/12 but there is no doubt that they are not letting that one expire.

Photo Courtesy of Tinx
Photo Courtesy of Thomas Hawk