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Want Value? Get A Netbook.

Renee Oricchio believes that netbooks are old news. She argues that netbooks existed to fill a void in our lives where consumers were looking for cheap technology during a hard hit recession. She claims that a netbook was a cheap alternative to assist our needs and an excuse to hold off on investing in an expensive laptop or until Windows 7(Remember, Vista?) showed up.

As delightful as tablets may be, you’re paying about double the price of a notebook for the same exact specs. Why? So you can bend the screen just a bit more and be stylish at the new job. Now, if you’re thinking about one of those powerful tablets, you’re looking to pay 4 to 5x the price of a regular $250 netbook.

Although the economy is better off now than in 2008, I’m not sure we should be jumping to conclusions just yet. There are still many people who have been hit hard by the recession, and smart spending goes along way. While tablet PCs definitely look sleeker, there is no benefit in terms of being lighter in weight, having better specs, or increased portability. You’re just paying twice the price to achieve the same computing. Lastly, I enjoy the feel of typing on a real keyboard. After all, it is a computer right? Click the commercials below and let us know which you find more appealing!

Photo Courtesy of IntelFreePress
Photo Courtesy of Amphinomus