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iPad2 Destruction – Marketing Idiots or Geniuses??

Remember those videos with the people at Blendtec, blending iphones?? Essentially, they put an iphone on a blender and destroyed it for everyone to see on video. It was a viral video but it made people cringe just knowing that they were destroying an expensive device.

Well, apparently the people over at ZAGG, a store that sells covers for devices such as the iPhone and iPad, have put out photos and a video of something similar. They have destroyed a hard-to-get iPad2 for the sake of marketing. Sure, this could help boost sales and might even get them the attention they are after, but when you see the video it makes you cringe knowing they are destroying expensive devices.

Given that the company makes over $60 million in revenue, destroying ipads is less expensive than hiring a PR firm to get them the buzz they are after.

I must warn you if you’re in the market for an iPad 2, and are strapped for cash or have experienced the current iPad 2 shortages, this video will make you squirm and cringe!!

Photos Courtesy of jwpriebe
Photos Courtesy of ZAGG