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YouTube Documentary of id Software – How It Happened

You probably have heard of their titles even if you don’t play video games. Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake are just a few of their games and the company that transformed the industry “id Software” is a fascinating one. Their games revolutionized the one man shoot them up videos games and even made history as they were released for free on the Internet.

Now the story of the company that created those great titles is on YouTube for everyone to learn how they did it. The story and history of the company is just as entertaining and the YouTube videos let you get a glimpse how it all happened. Sure you can read a 400 page book about the company’s history but that will take you a few days. The videos give you much of the details with lots of visuals – graphics, photos, and the sounds.

The videos is a series that Machinima has put out as a documentary on the company. And is a work in progress since they only released two parts of the book’s actual story. However, it’s well worth checking out if you love knowing how small teams launch startups, create success and build empires.

See the two videos below.

Photo Courtesy of Soulogic
Photo Courtesy of RocketRaccoon