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AnyDATA’s Mass Marketed Tablets Are Coming Soon

AnyDATA is coming out with some gorgeous tablet PCs aimed at the consumer market. The two 7-inch tablets look similar to the Galaxy Tab, will both be equipped with WiFi and sport 1024 x 600 resolution displays. Now how do these two tablets differ? Well, the AMD120 will be a 4G tablet while the AMD810 will work on the 3G network.

The AMD120 will ship with the Android Gingerbread OS but have the Honeycomb OS as an option. The AMD810 will only be available with the Honeycomb flavor. They both will use the same Snapdragon processors, the AMD120 at 1.2ghz and the AMD810 at 1.5ghz. Yeah, super fast!

Both tablets will way just under a pound at 440 grams, and the best part? They will be value priced for the masses! The company will be showing the two devices this week at the CTIA in Orlando. CTIA is the International Association for the Wireless Telecommunications Industry, Dedicated to Expanding the Wireless Frontier.